Sherri Lekvold

Office Manager

Growing up in San Diego, Sherri’s dream as a little girl was to make a house a home for her family; exactly what she’d watch her mom do for her 3 brothers and sister that came before her. She watched as her mom was always working on a project, either preparing the living room for the next holiday and huge family gathering, or designing the perfect menu for a birthday celebration. Sherri knew as a little one how lucky she was to have a house that reflected her family.

In adulthood, Sherri was lucky enough to stumble upon the Central Coast, and she knew instantly it would be the place she called home. During her twenty year career here in Accounting and Office Administration, Sherri has been lucky enough to have an office in Avila tucked between the gardens and the hot springs and an office overlooking acres of Zinfandel grapes.

After taking some time off to care for her twin boys, Milo and Maverick, Sherri is thrilled that she found a new “home away from home” at Design Collaborative. Here, you will find Sherri cutting checks, answering calls and emails, and simply enjoying the creative atmosphere.

In her spare time, when Sherri isn’t busy corralling her twin boys, she enjoys attending a local yoga class, trying out a new recipe, or exploring a new hiking trail with her wife.