CTO (Chief Treat Officer)

Tesla or Tess as we call her in the office, is sure to get and give lots of hugs and kisses when she shows up to the office. You can usually find her spying on pedestrians from the steeple windows, sleeping under Michele’s desk or at the door to greet any delivery trucks. She has all of them well trained to pull a treat from the cookie jar.

When Tess was two years old, she was diagnosed with “the worst case of hip dysplasia I’ve ever seen” by her vet. After a year of surgery, she now has new metal hips and thinks she’s Super Woman. It’s so wonderful to see her act like a puppy again.   

If Tess isn’t laying around the office, you will find her trying to beat her Chocolate Lab baby brother to the ball or spying on the neighbors from the top of our driveway.   We also call her Mrs. Kravitz.