Shining Bright: Design Collaborative’s Leap to Family-Centric Excellence and Diamond-Level Recognition

We’re over the moon to share that we’ve received the Diamond Level Family Friendly Workplace Award from the San Luis Obispo Chamber of Commerce!.It is truly an honor to be recognized for something that we’ve always believed in; to create a working atmosphere that allows employees to excel in both their professional and family lives.

So, what’s our secret? Well, it’s all about striking that sweet spot between being great at what we do and making sure everyone feels supported and cared for. Our family friendly policy includes a fund to help with family care costs, paid personal days, and the option to work from home. It’s our way of making sure our team can shine at work without missing out on family life.

Michele Murfin, our Principal Designer, sums it up perfectly: “Back in ’91 when I started Design Collaborative, I was pretty clear about one thing: family comes first. It’s something I learned growing up with my single mom. Those rare times she could sneak away from work to catch my school play or be there when I was sick are golden memories for me. I wanted to make sure my team never had to miss out on moments like those.”

And our team couldn’t agree more. Here’s what they have to say:

Sherri comments, “I consider myself very fortunate to have found such a family-friendly employer in Design Collaborative. Being a mom of twin boys, including one with special needs, I can be pulled in many different directions; but, Michele has always been so supportive in giving me the workplace flexibility to take care of my family.”

Ehron Baskin reflects, “As the first employee to have a family, I suppose I paved the way for the others that came behind me. With the transition of becoming a working mother, Michele has always been supportive in giving me the flexibility I needed to balance my home and work life. I couldn’t have lasted 25 years at Design Collaborative without that love and support.”

Serena Waddel shares, “I lack the words to describe the support, patience, and love I’ve received from Michele and the team over the last couple of years as I’ve transitioned to being a working mom. When I arrive at work, I am a part of the team, and my boundaries for work have always been respected.”

Aislinn Sexton-Moyer, our newest team member, shares her thoughts: “In my previous roles, I often struggled with asking for leave to tend to family matters. It was always a balancing act, filled with anxiety about how my requests would be perceived. Joining Design Collaborative has been a breath of fresh air. It’s so refreshing and empowering to be part of a company that not only shares my values but actively supports them. Knowing that I don’t have to fear my sometimes unpredictable family schedule here is a huge relief. It’s wonderful to feel so valued and understood.”

These heartfelt statements from our team are a true reflection of our commitment to being a Family Friendly Workplace. It’s more than just a label for us; it’s a deeply ingrained part of our ethos and daily practice.

 The last 30 years have been a series of accomplishments and lessons learned. What I hold the dearest to my heart is all the people I have met and places I have traveled. I want to thank all we have collaborated with over the years.