Welcome to Design Collaborative

It’s been 30 years since I sat in a café on a trip to Santa Fe, New Mexico drawing logo ideas on a paper table cover. From the start, I dreamt of a firm that collaborated harmoniously with clients, architects, contractors and craftsmen. It takes a cohesive team to develop a successful project.

That is why, I named my firm Design Collaborative.

The original logo, sketched in crayon that day in 1991, had the same premise as the one we are launching today. The ‘d’ and ‘c’ shared a common line – they were collaborating.

As with design trends, the firm has evolved over the years, as has our logo. Our new logo shows the d and c linking together arm and arm; much like the hope today of camaraderie for all people. We strive to provide a meaningful relationship between design and collaboration on every project.

We are also reviving the original logo color, Copper which you will see throughout our packaging.

As with selecting a lead color for a project, you need a color that personifies you. This malleable and ductile metal is not only a high conductor of electricity it also is an essential nutrient for our bodies. It helps maintain healthy bones, blood vessels and immune function; not to mention it’s also a natural antibacterial. Something all of us need leading into 2021.

Maybe it’s my love of avocados, figs, spinach and asparagus that draws me to this color; all of which you will find a healthy dose of copper.

When I moved back to San Luis Obispo from my early years as a designer for a leading European kitchen and bath showroom in San Francisco, I had told myself I would only design kitchens and baths. I loved it; and cooking which helped in my love of designing kitchens. Eventually clients started asking me to design their entire house and then that evolved into their places of work. In the last 30 years we are proud to have expanded both locally and domestically with our designs in hotels, restaurants, wineries, many businesses and many more homes for some remarkable people. I have too many favorite projects to list.

I could not have accomplished what I have without my team, especially Ehron Baskin who has been by my side for over 20 years. She has been there with me through the early days of hoping for the next phone call for a new job, opening a retail store right before a recession hits, to the last decade of many fabulous projects that we are proud of. We are looking forward to another phase of our friendship and design world together.

Look for that announcement coming in the Spring.

 The last 30 years have been a series of accomplishments and lessons learned. What I hold the dearest to my heart is all the people I have met and places I have traveled. I want to thank all we have collaborated with over the years.

We are sending you the deepest gratitude for your support.

 I will leave you with an invitation to browse our new website and see what we have been up to. We are planning on adding more projects to the portfolio and blogs of our projects in the works so we hope you will return often and follow us on social media.

We are looking forward to 2021 and seeing more new projects come to life.

Keep an eye out for Costa Vista Luxury RV Resort in San Diego, 

 SLO Rep Theatre, J. Lohr Wine Center in Paso Robles and many great homes.

We hope to work with you again soon!